The Business Owner’s Guide to Twitter

The Business Owner’s Guide to Twitter

… or, “Why SPI is Joining Twitter.” Here’s how we’re using Twitter to grow the SPI brand, and how you could do the same for your business.
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How A Group Of Volunteers Are Transforming The Face Of The Los Angeles Mission

Eli Graham, who worked in marketing in Los Angeles, wanted more purpose. He started volunteering for the LA Mission, eventually creating the LA Mission Arts Council. The group of volunteers has helped the mission improve fundraising efforts and awareness.

The 10 most innovative live events companies of 2021

In a year of social distancing and sheltering at home, these companies found ways to deliver dynamic real-time experiences, from the pitches of the Premier League to a record-setting BTS concert.
Two years ago, when the global live events market cracked the $…

These groups want the government to crack down on greenwashing

A complaint filed against Chevron for deceptive advertising could mark a new strategy for fossil fuel opponents.

How to Win Back Lost Subscribers with a Re-Engagement Email Campaign

Did you know that your mailing list volume declines almost a quarter every year.

But with everything put into a perspective… it could be a good thing❓

Disengaged subscribers are worse than those that unsubscribe from your list straightaway for two reaso…

6 ecommerce email marketing trends to watch out for in 2021

Email marketing is a lifeline for many businesses and ecommerce sites. Following the global pandemic, digital marketing channels have become the most sought-after means to promote and increase an online store’s revenue. Furthermore, according to DMA’s 2019 Em…

How to Connect Your Business With New Audiences

Regardless of which sector of business you are in, reaching new audiences is constantly an underlying goal in order to survive. Here’s how to do just that!

What Is a Good Email Open Rate? Plus, How To Improve It

Your email open rate is one of the most important number to keep an eye on. The rate vary widely from industry to industry, campaign to campaign, and case to case. Repeatedly sending emails to your subscribers that do not engage with your communications will …

SparkPost Design Tracker Solution Integrates with Litmus Enterprise Platform for Optimum Customer Messaging Experience

SparkPost, the world’s largest email sending and deliverability platform delivering nearly 40% of the world’s email, today announced it has incorporated the …

12 Ways to Use Direct Marketing

Mass marketing is inefficient and expensive. Would it not be great if you could cut out the middleman and advertise…

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