Everything Began at Home

My God! Kidnapping! Lord David, single father and reclusive architect, still couldn’t quite believe he’d done it. He knew the moment he and his sister entered Laurel Andrews’ home that he needed to hire her decorator. Imagine his surprise when the realtor informed him that Laurel, married for twenty years to Greg, was the decorator, the house had predominately been done in three weeks time, and that it was her “hobby.” He should have known. He had never seen anything like her home or felt anything like her home. Every room had a comfort that drew you in and made you feel at ease as if in slippered feet looking for your favorite chair. Her home emanated the feel one gets only from well worn furniture and yet everything was flawless and only marked if intended by design. Each room had touches of nature and as one turned from here to there a surprise just waited to delight the eye. No one would be able to recreate the combination of texture, color and warmth permeating his senses. He would have done anything to give his children the home he had always wanted for them. Lord David might have turned the plane back to California if he had known the emotional pandemonium about to reign over Whitethorn Castle!

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