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See what’s in the member’s area in this DigiProduct Lab Review.
I will show you how I would use DigiProduct Lab and how it can make you money.
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Here’s What You Can Expect Inside DigiProduct Lab:
DigiProduct Lab Is An INCREDIBLE Digital Product & eBook Creator!
This cloud-based software creates stunning eBooks and reports – for a constant source of free traffic, leads and profits.
Just enter a keyword to have a book made from scratch – the software will pull from a database of over 250,000 PREMIUM PLR articles for content …
EVEN enter a website URL to legally scrape content from any website …
CUSTOMIZE with your own content – or mix & match in ANY combination – for 100% unique eBooks made FOR YOU in minutes.
Digi Product Lab includes a powerful eCover creator – giving you stunning covers with point & click ease – for a pro look that maximizes traffic, clicks & sales …
To get results, your eBooks need exposure – Digi Product Lab has you covered.
Choose from DOZENS of built-in, top converting landing pages to promote your eBooks across platforms …
Add the autoresponder of your choice to build your list …
You EVEN get pre-built thank-you pages that deliver your eBooks to new subscribers …
And EVERY page is hosted FOR YOU on our premium servers – meaning there’s ZERO ONGOING COST to grow your business.
Included step-by-step training covers BOTH the basics of using the software right thru to maximizing your results – with tips from 7+ figure marketers


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DFY Hero Review, DFY Hero Bonus -DFY Hero DEMO assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah but I
thought peace and blessings be upon you all how are you everybody did they say
they once again today I’m going to do a quick review one done for you hero
that’s the name of the product as you can see it’s called done for you here oh
this is by the marketer called Cindy she’s the one is the one behind this
product what is done for you here oh so it’s basically like if you are a newbie
and if you don’t know anything about you know online or if you don’t know how to
build websites this is something like a cool way to start you know like you know
if you go out there and you just want to build a website you know there how much
it’s gonna cost you and stuff you know let me stay there a good take you to the
couple of examples so if you see this website imagine getting this website
directly to you hand it to you over to you and you just you know if you boy if
you are into dance or anything you wanted you know whatever business you
are in you can just change it and you can start using it well you know it even
change its that’s the good thing about this this done for your business is
you’re gonna get around hundred and for your websites you can see this hundred
and four website sales pages squeeze pages ecomes those blogs you name it so
you have all the hundred different varieties websites done for you just to
buy a click of a button you can choose it you can edit it and you can start
using it the most important part is you no need to worry about hosting as well
as even domain name well it’s always I prefer to go take your own domain name
but if you don’t want to you can still have it
with their own domain hosting as well so that’s classic very good about this this
product by Cindy so I’ll just let’s this is one of the
example or one of the websites you’re gonna get this this one you’re seeing
now this is one of the episodes you see it’s called for dance classes this is
something you’re gonna get imagine the quality and the presence the how the
presentation they have done it’s it’s really good so some of the examples are
the examples i just opened is this is basically a funnel we call this as a
funnel I’ll show you know this page which I
have built which is this is the link which I’m gonna put it down this is why
I made it through click one as you can see this this is clickfunnels this is
made by miracle if I use a landing page software called clickfunnels
I pay around two hundred ninety seven dollars per month just for billing now I
know different landing pages and stuff imagine you’re already getting such
landing pages for you to build straightaway and you can start using it
this is something so necessary for online business to capture lead so too
you know membership sides you name it anything to do online you need funnels
or websites we call it as so this is something imagine I am using this page I
build this page with our landing page with of click funnels I pay like you
know I think I open this busy this is one of the I promote click funnels a lot
so so this is something my dashboard so for this I pay like around nine ninety
severe they are like $97 as well as two night is a dollars per month so with
imagine with with the click done-for-you hero you’re gonna get all these kind of
websites 100 different websites straightaway to you for like I think I’m
just gonna give you the price enough so but imagine this is just not like it’s
just like a no-brainer what you’re gonna get so let me get reveal you the price
what you’re gonna get yes this is the one the printed price is what you’re
gonna get is like around twenty one dollars and the price will increase
every day like for the seven day launch is going to be increased three dollars
every to every day like two dollars three dollars gonna be increased and if
what you’re gonna get is like 105 websites sales pages squeeze pages
become stores and blocks so you just need to import it edited and that’s it
you can use it for yourself or you even start selling it that’s how cool it is
so when you when you buy anything online as you say like you’re gonna get like
OTO so tears are basically the funnel that’s why I call it as funnel so you go
through a funnel where they upsell you something so that’s why if you see the
OTO first of all to you you’re gonna get like four forty seven dollars you’re
gonna get the agency license and you’re gonna get the startup kit it includes
like you can have creating like a sub accounts with this with the OTO with OTO
one this is what’s called a agency license you get it for forty seven
dollars then you have something called like a template club you
only getting like hundred but still like if you want every month gonna be up if
you want some cooler templates you’re gonna get it like every month for $17
per month you’re gonna get all those cool templates and then this is like a
completely a cool option with most of the products we say uh offer like
anything you buy in jvzoo or replies you get this something called reseller
license basically this entire product it’ll become yours and you can start
selling it and you get the full Commission’s out of it so that’s how
cool this product is so it just forget though to you so I always say first
always go with the Fenton product try it if you’re happy you can always you are
gonna be in the website within the membership side you can always come back
and buy these audios so there’s no compulsion at all the good thing about
what I would say is even couple of days before I was promoting either another
product there was like just one there giving you just one product for like $20
one website done for your website for SEO agency product so imagine this one
for a hundred and you’re getting any for no brainer like $22 it’s like you can
start using it you can start selling it that’s how cool it is and the most
important part is I pay a lot like I run for 10 websites I pay a lot for the
hosting and they’re going to give you the hosting also it’s free so if you are
really into like you know if you wanted if you don’t know how to do web sites or
you want to build EECOM stores you want to do blogs straightaway you can just
take it plug it and use it ok that’s how cool it is so this is the price for it
and of course when you’re gonna buy it from me I want to be open with you I am
an affiliate marketer I’ve been I promote so many products I do give away
lots of bonus so let’s really let me take you to the bonus page where this is
where it is you once you this is the link I’m will be like putting it below
so you will be coming in to this page once you click so all these bonuses what
I’m going to offer you has a tank the tank for what do you buy from me so this
is like this is where you will be getting it bill once you purchase it
there will be an access page in your JB’s you or a place you can access the
affiliate bonus everything will be straightaway delivered to you so what do
I give you like all whatever products you buy or you want it
you take it online the most important I always tell this to my because I know I
have come through all the tough stage of you know the basic promoting all this
products always remember online ninety percent is not the product 90% of the
lifeline of any online business is the traffic so always remember you need to
master traffic all do you get websites all do you get anything product in your
hand unless you drive traffic to that website you’re gonna not gonna do
anything so always remember 90 percent is a traffic 10% is the product so
that’s why always focus on giving more more traffic bonuses so the first bonus
which I’m gonna offer is this is something goal I learned from one of the
marketer so I’m giving it to you that the snowball traffic this is like a cool
way to get lots of lots of leads from a lotta leads from Facebook so you get
like you that’s even when I learned I was thinking or really we can do this so
basically you come to know cool way to get lots of buyers like leads from leads
from Facebook so this is the first bonus and the second one is if you are
interrupted marketing I know how hard it is to get approval so this is also I
learned from another marketer so in this video you will come to know how easy how
we can easily apply and how to get approved so that’s the more cool thing
and if you are in online there’s a place Cody me this is the place many people
don’t know this is where I have learnt a lot you get cruises like $15 $20 you
anything you name it SC or Facebook Instagram anything you want you go there
and you learn it that’s how cool it is and I got this cool bonus from one of
their I mentor so I’m giving it away it’s like 4,000 curses like you get the
access for it any niche you when they won the good
learn and you update yourself the most important part of money online business
you keep learning and improving that’s what it is so that’s on a cool bonus I
want to give and here it is the big one this is the one if you see me online
I’ll be like I rank my videos to the top at least to the fifth you know one to
win out top one to fire normally I rank my videos so so
the there is a trick behind it you know there’s a trick an idea behind it which
I learned from this series you know so you will know like I would say 80 to 90%
of the stuff is involved in this so you you can because any any website or any
product you know the second most search engine is YouTube so you need to be
there has to promote your product through videos so I’m that many do
videos this is going to help you to come rank the videos so that’s the most
important media bonus and this is that is a big one
you know the biggest thing is you have websites yeah everything but how are you
gonna follow up with your leads when you get them you know once you’ve logged in
inside your funnels when you get the you know the buyer list Sweeney you need to
keep you know keep sending emails and keep promoting your products so that’s
where this is born is gonna help you out you know lots of ideas and what are
different ways to you know write emails this is gonna help you out so this is
all the bonus I am giving it away also there is something if you see in the top
I always request you know whenever I come in
you have spending time to watch this video so you know whether you buy this
or not that’s okay but if you join my facebook group since you spending time
on my page I want to give away some cool bonuses as well so that’s why we if you
see go down there is something called if they’re gonna join my facebook group you
are first you can just click here and join it basically I’m into a feed
marketing and every day I give tips and tricks for he do a flea marketing so if
you join my group and you can just hit me up in the messenger and tell me the
name of the the cause of the product where you join me and I’m gonna give
away these go free courses this is like true value in all these ones I myself
like fires of afaid marketing I have learnt I have bought the courses and I’m
giving it away so I mean I’ve learned from the lots of big marketers so you
can see affiliate marketing if you’re in time in zone I give away the top of the
Amazon products and marketing secrets so many I just don’t want to take your time
I’m just gonna leave a link below so likes lots of cool bonuses I have just
put together you can always come down into it so if you want hit me up in the
messenger join my facebook group I just want to give it away I know because you
are taking time to read this watching this video I want to give away something
for you that’s the reason it and this bonuses along with the along with these
websites it’s gonna take you to the next level there’s no doubt it because you’re
getting the websites and I’m gonna give you the traffic monus’s and this is
gonna help you a lot kick started your journey so let me go a little deep into
or what exactly like you’re getting it fully just recap of what they’re gonna
get easy to use with their with than for you hero you’re gonna get like a
OneTouch website installer you’re gonna get the mobile you know any website it
has to be mobile responsive so you’re gonna get that you’re getting all the
training model inside and you’re gonna get all the real-time updates and you’re
gonna get this is the cool part learning in sales pages imagine I told you I am
using list click funnels are you told you this click funnels
this page which I am I’m gonna give a link below this is built in a landing
page software so imagine I paying like 97 to 99 dollars per month and you’re
gonna get like easy like I mean it’s it’s like a no-brainer for twenty thirty
dollars so you know don’t miss this one and you get a template library extensa
template library then you’re gonna get easy to use dashboard and of course
there’s no coding required then of course it’s the the biggest part is you
no need to host you know it is already there but the domain name I would
suggest you go for a different of my name in mind your name or your product
name always before I know they do provide a free don’t mind but I would
say just spend on domain and it will be useful for you you know there’s always
professional it’s good to have a only domain name and of course the pricing is
so affordable so this is the my review I’m gonna this is you could see these
this is a website I showed you you can see some sample websites here I have
just showed you the couple of them you can see like a landing page ones like
Jim one like it’s is a big collection there are a few you can always vinay
when you click this link it is going to take you to sales page and you can see a
demo demo video of how it is and then you can see all the collection of all
these few samples they have given it so that’s it from me
I’m gonna leave a link below this is the link once you click it will straight
away come to this page and from here you can choose from any of these black
buttons you see is click here to get done fire it done for you here Oh any of
these black buttons click here it is gonna take you to sales page and you can
get it through my link and anything any doubts any any issues let’s just put a
comment below and I’ll answer you okay thanks for your time and don’t forget if
you even if you don’t buy it’s okay join my facebook group I’m going to give
you some more cool bonuses as well- DFY Hero Review, DFY Hero Bonus -DFY Hero DEMO thanks for your time and take care -DFY Hero Review, DFY Hero Bonus -DFY Hero DEMO


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